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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 12, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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driver. >> that's got to be hilarious. >> and gets into a huge spat with, ready? anthony weiner. have a great weekend, everybody, special report, have a great weekend. president obama suggests not asking congress for permission to go to a war that may not even be a war. what? we'll explain it all. this is "special report." >> good evening, we begin tonight with two major questions concerning the president's plan to deal with isis terrorists. one, does the president have the authority to act without congressional approval? two, is it a war? and does that matter? senior white house foreign
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affairs correspondent wendell goler takes a look at tonight's top story. >> reporter: pushed by the execution of two american journalists and decide civic tries against the iraqi army, president obama has launched military action against isil. >> there is not the iraq war of 2002. but make no mistake, we know, we are at war with isil in the same way we're at war and continue to be at what with chooid and it's affiliates. >> reporter: in the middle east, secretary of state kerry is trying to enlist allies for what he calls not a war at all. there's an estimated 20,000 isis fighters in syria and iraq. >> john mccain was bitterly sarcastic. >> this is just like when president obama said he was going to asack syria in response to the chemical weapons. and john kerry said that the
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attack would be unbelievably small. >> reporter: mean while the president's aid says the authority to use force -- in a speech at national defense university last year mr. obama said should be we peeled. >> our systematic efforts against terrorism must be continued. but this war like all wars must end. >> reporter: president obama wants money to equip and defend moderate rebels. but not to stop air strikes that could alienate liberal voters. maine republican susan collins thinks the air strikes in syria may go beyond his current authority. >> that could constitute an act of war, rather than just being a limited counter terrorism effort. >> reporter: one compromise might be for congress to authorize the money to train and equip syrian rebels now and take the vote on war authority after the fall elections. >> i think at some point in
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time, when we come back after the elections, i think there will be a consideration of a larger authorization for the use of force. >> reporter: the president is naming retired marine generals john allen to coordinate the international fight against isis and next week he'll visit central command in tampa, head of the u.s. military group that will major see the effort. >> wendell, thank you. >> let's take a deeper dive now into what exactly the president is getting the u.s. military into. correspondent doug mcelway has that part of the story. >> americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy cam main, unlike any other we have ever seen. >> reporter: 13 years later, president bush's warning has proved -- on the cusp of yet another anti-terror campaign, the pentagon today emphasized that u.s. airpower will be but one tool in the effort to defeat isis. >> it's going to require partners on the ground to take
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back and hold the territory that this group has tried and to on take and maintain. >> reporter: critics say the success of the president's plan hinges on something else. >> he has to convince people about his own conviction, determination to destroy isis. >> reporter: with his earlier withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq, his plan to withdraw from afghanistan by year's end, and to withdraw from libya, the president has a for of long-term military commitment. >> it's like comparing a little league team to the new york yankees. >> there are other risks, syria what a sophisticated air defense system. the administration believes the new inclusive government there may stiffen the terrorists spines. >> getting rid of the political hacks that used to be the officer corps, they were the
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maliki followers and fellow travelers. once you start to put competent people back in charge, that will do more for morale. >> reporter: strict rules of engagement may also limit evidentiveness. the biggest question of all is even if isis is decimated in seyri syria, who fills the board? and moderate rebels that the u.s. now wants to arm may grow to be as malignant as the cancer we want to excite. >> doug mcelway at the pentagon. let's get some analysis now president the president's isis strategy. retired marine corps general central command chief. the general comes to us tonight from williamsberg, virginia. general, thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> giver an assessment of what
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you're hearing so far got this strategy and what lies ahead. >> the most confusing part to me is when the president said we would lead the effort, but all the things that he mentioned were supporting tasks, the air that we provide, the intelligence, the advisors, the equipping, so i'm unclear who is to have operational control of this, is u.s. central command going to be on the ground? are we going to have a team that will control the iraqis, the peshmerga? that all has to be coordinated. i don't see how we can end up in this fight with perhaps an iraqi military command. are they really ready to takea on with us in support of them? so the command and control is my first concern. you're going to have to build up the iraqi military, the syrian moderate resisters, to be able
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to hold them and prevent them from resurging and coming back a so what is our role in the long-term in all this? i think there's a lot of questions as to how that plays out on the ground and in fact the devil's always in the details. >> this administration obviously reticent to talk about boots on the ground, in fact saying that won't be boots on the ground, but let's be honest, there have to be boots on the ground somewhere to help these forces and direct these air strikes, is that not true? >> that's absolutely true. i mean, i have advocated putting some u.s. brigades on the ground from the beginning, isis has been in there now three months and they still control mosul and other parts of iraq, they're going to be tough to rule out and if you want coalition partners on the ground, the backbone has to be u.s. forces. i think this paranoia about
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having boots on the ground and even defining what that means has clouded this whole issue and made it confusing and i think could hurt us dun the road and getting coalition partners who will share the burden and pony up as far as putting combat no, sirs? >> talk to us about syria and specifically the challenges there, if the u.s. goes forward with syrian air strikes, as the president says he's going to take out isis inside syria, doesn't that provide additional problems in that we have heard a lot about syrian air defenses, won't there have to be some interaction with the assad regime to ensure that those jets can get through to drop the bombs in those places? >> i would remind you that israel managed to get through and didn't get a response from s syria. i think you issue the march and make sure they understand that any air defense units that engage our planes will lead to
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their destruction and strikes that might go downtown damascus. i don't see us coordinating with syria, i don't think we will send sortes without all the protection necessary just to make sure their air defense systems don't get adventurous. >> you have been in the region and dealt with that region a lot. what is your assessment of this isis force, the cia putting out these number numbers, 21,000 to 31,000 syrian fighters, up 10,000 in recent weeks and months, what's your thought about is that. >> well, i think a couple things are happening, they have been in iraq for three months. you can bet some of the sunni areas that they have taken over, they have done some recruiting, maybe more coercive, so their numbers swell. their ability to propagandize what they do has attracted radicals from all over the world. i'm not surprised to see numbers
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growing, it may just be a matter of more intelligence focused and getting the numbers right. it may be the time they have been given to nest in these places and promote their propaganda. >> we have seen an evolution of the term war, take a quick listen to this and tell me whether it matters. >> is the united states at war with isis? it sure sounds from the president's speech that we are. >> i they's the wrong terminology. what we are doing is engaging in a very significant counter terrorism operation. >> it sounds like a war to me, is it fair to call it a war? >> well, wolf, i don't know whether you want to call it a war or sustained counter terrorism campaign or, i think, frankly, this is a counter terrorism operation that will take time. >> in the same way that we are at war with al qaeda and its affiliates around the globe, we are at war with isil. >> doesn't that matter, general what, they call it?
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>> it certainly matters to the troops on the ground. my brother served in korea, truman called it a police action, my brother could have told you it felt like a war down where he was in the trenches,s that i was in vietnam and somalia and other places. it is a war, they have invaded another country, we have to not only get rid of them, but we have committed to destroying them and taking the fight into another nation in terms of syria. and probably this will metastasize into other parts of the region. so if it's not a war, i can't imagine what it is. this isn't simply a counter terrorism measure, we are going to be involved in some conventional fighting here. so i don't know what the hangup is, unless there's some legal ramifications of calling it what it is. it's a war. >> last thing, quickly, general, you are openly critical of the bush administration and their strategy in iraq, as you look at this now, is there an end game that you see are you concerned got it? >> it's difficult to define the
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end game, because as we saw by missing our opportunity to get al qaeda at the beginning in afghanistan, it metastasized and it started to sprout up with different names, and all these other places that it came up. it will continue to sprout like this all over. so i think this is a long-term campaign against extremism that we're going to finding ourselves in many parts of the world still fighting this. and the important point here is to build the kind of international support and burden sharing to deal with this. i'm shocked that we haven't gotten the resolution out of the u.n. authorizing the use of force and condemning formally a resolution for isis. you remember president h.w. bush, when we went in to stake saddam out of kuwait, the first thing we did was get authorization, which can tell
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you convinced many nations to get involved and to get under cover. >> general anthony, thank you for your time. up next, playing politics with immigration reform and getting caught. that's what some of our fox affiliates are covering across the country w the escape and recapture of school shooter. the j. lain, the 19-year-old and two others scaled the fence and got out of the allen oak wood detention center. fox 26 in houston with legal trouble for another nfl star. minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson has been indicted in texas for reckless or jenlt injury to a child. his status for this weekend's game sun clear. the vikings say they're looking into the legal situation. this is a wet look at milwaukee, wisconsin, from fox 6, our affiliate there, the big story
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tonight. a federal appeals court has reinstated the voter identification law. there was a ruling lifting alderman's stay and allowing the law to go into effect before the november elections. that's tonight's live look from outside the element way, on "special report" we'll be right back. to help support your heart, brain and eyes. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. do you have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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president obama's right hand man is reportedly promisie inin teen know lawmakers that the president will be all in on immigration reform after the election. how that lines up with what the president has been saying about immigration politics. >> reporter: the white house chief of zaf has tried to reassure latino law makers that president obama will deliver for them. dennis mcdonough said the president will take executive actions on immigration before the holidays are over. and mr. mcdonough said that
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president obama will go as far as he can under existing law regardless of how far he goes in the november election. quote, no more excuses, i don't care what snarls dangling in the wind, i don't care what happens, we are moving forward. today who is press secretary john ernest was asked if it was a rough reception here on capitol hill. >> there are members of the congressional hispanic caucus who they have known publicly who don't agree with the strategy the president has wlad olaid ou to prevent the president from working with him. >> lamar smith says he's furious the administration is playing midterm election politics and planning to go around congress. >> gets really pretty cynical of the president to wait until after the elections when the american people could register their concerns about his
3:19 pm
executive orders and changing immigration laws and quite frankly the president waiting until after the election is an open admission that he knows what he's about to do is not approved by the american people. >> reporter: it's not just latino and gop frustration here on capitol hill, liberals say they are also unhappy. >> it was the single top issue i heard about during our extensive series of town halls back home. i think there's great frustration with the president for this action. he says he's going to take anation in november, we need to hold him accountable to do. >> emmanuelle, live on the hill. mike, thank you. a wave of automobile buying drove retail steals up half a percentage point in august. the dow lost 61.5. the nasdaq was off 24. for the week t dow lost almost a full percentage point, the s&p dropped a little more than a
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point, the nasdaq fell a third. still ahead, you will be shocked to hear what the parents of murdered journalist james foley said the obama administration said to them. compared to the bush team building before iraq. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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president obama is promising a broad coalition of allies. chief washington correspondent james rosen compares and contrasts for us tonight. >> reporter: during the first gulf war -- >> this is a victory for every country in the coalition.
3:24 pm
>> reporter: the first president bush built the mother of all coalitions. amid to the shock and awe of 2003. "the washington post" criticized the second president bush for failing to draw moral lies to the cause. yet george h.w. bush attracted 48 nations to his global coalition. >> our gloel coalition will succeed. >> reporter: the state department says 38 countries have publicly pledged help. the pentagon has asked that as in past conflicts the u.s. military will carry the lion's share. >> some countries have. >> reporter: but germany and turkey, have opted out fighting, whether the saudis will host training bases for steerian rebels as the white house and pentagon have announced,
3:25 pm
appeared in some doubt on thursday when secretary kerry was in jetta. >> they're willing to engage in military support. >> reporter: britain's foreign secretary ruled out air strikes until the prime minister's office clarified saying london h had. ruled owl any -- suggested president obama may be encoun r encountering difficulties george w. bush did not because some middle east leaders doubt the incumbent's use of force. >> the background of weakness and am big you advertise and red lines crossed and so forth, means there is a credibility deficit that the administration has to overcome. >> reporter: one arab diplomat i spoke to called it a trust deficit. the president's in a coalition of two muslim countries that helped fuel the rise in islamic
3:26 pm
terrorism. >> i talked to three cia contractors that were there that night. they also told me they were warned of a possible nonspecific threat weeks before that attack. >> 30 days prior to 9/11, this notice, according to the book goes up in the annex about the threat that's developing. warning that the u.s. facility in libya may be attacked. and everybody had to sign it, correct? >> everybody signed it, yep. >> it's a nonspecific threat and they're put out just so you keep your awareness up and put out what could be out there. because we're the eyes and ears that are out in the city. >> it didn't have an exact day. it didn't say the consulate was going to get attacked and it didn't have a time. and we get those a lot. so you note it. we expect our chain of command to pass it on to whoever it
3:27 pm
needs to be passed on officially. it's not something where we get it, we call the ambassador, it's not our link. we don't say hey, ambassador, there's a threat. we expect our chain of command to do that. >> 13 hours at benghazi, saturday 10:00 p.m. eastern time. no grapevine tonight so we can bring you an update from the family of slain journalist james foley. they are leveling some steers charges tonight against the obama administration. the specifics next. ? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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the family of murdered american journalist james foley has a serious accusation tonight against the obama administration. chief intelligence correspondent has details. >> reporter: the family of murdered journalist james foley says the obama administration bullied them, threatened to go after them if they paid ransom money for their son. >> we were told that we might be prosecuted. big deal, i would rather be in a prison there, than my son being in a prison over there. >> reporter: foley's parents spoke exclusively with greta van sustren. >> we were under a great deal of duri duress. at that point we really had no misgivings, if that was the only avenue open to us we were going to take it. >> it went past not doing everything they could, they were actually an impede dense.
3:32 pm
>> reporter: with one threat coming directly from a military official on the national security council, the president's team was on the defense. >> i know of no one who issued such an instruction, i have no knowledge of it. >> it was the policy of this administration and the policy of previous administrations that ransom should not be paid to terrorist organizations. >> reporter: that the press released details, a military source says the intelligence now suggests that the remaining hostages were disbursed to multiple locations making it harder to rescue them in the future. >> because of leaks to certain reporters, it forced our hand to try to provide some context to that. >> reporter: but some republicans believe the administration shares the blame. >> any time you link highly technical tactical information, you're giving away your road map, your strategy, and you give the enemy the opportunity to
3:33 pm
respond to that. >> reporter: a national spokeswoman said she cannot discuss intelligence matters and the original leaks to reporters. >> you can see greta's entire interview with the parents of james foley. a story we haven't covered on this show yet, a suspect accused of murdering a 19-year-old new york area man in june said he did it as retribution for innocent lives lost in iraq, syria and the rest of the islamic world. the star ledger reports the suspect in the killing has stings confessed to three other murders in washington state. authorities originally said the killing was targeted. they now believe it was the result of a random robbery. south african olympic hero oscar pistorius has been found guilty of culpable left side. the jury said there was not enough evidence to convict himmon of murdering model reba
3:34 pm
steencamp. he could get anything from a suspended sentence to 15 years in prison. we have already established that president obama's foreign policy difficulties could have a big impact on democrat this is fall. tonight how a perceived isolationist global outlook could possibly be a problem for senator and possible presidential candidate ranked paul. >> reporter: eyeing new hampshire's leadoff presidential primary seven months from now, senator rand paul held a unity breakfast for republican candidates running in this year's elections in 53 days. >> i don't see division, i see unity and i smell victory. >> reporter: paul did not mention his support for president obama's expansion of military action against isis in syria without congressional approval. unilateral presidential action
3:35 pm
hinges -- >> i think what he's doing is unconstitutional and the second question is isis a threat and should we do something. and on that i agree with the president. >> reporter: for paul to support military action is a shift. for most of his career he's favored diplomacy over force. >> i don't always support intervention, but this is one i do support. >> reporter: some call that a 180 from a year ago today when paul opposed any military involvement in syria. >> the syrian civil war involves evil people on both sides of it and there's no good purpose for america in that war. >> reporter: paul denies being a dovish isolationist. he was blunt with thousands of veterans at last year's national vfw convention. >> america's mission should always be to keep the peace, not to police the world. >> reporter: paul says he always opposed the iraq war and even sponsored legislation to end it just two months after being sworn in as a senator. >> i'm very reluctant to vote to send my kids to war or your kids
3:36 pm
to war or me to war unless our national security is truly threatened. >> reporter: there's no current intelligence suggesting isis is plotting on attack on the homeland. to win presidential -- the first southern primary state of south carolina which has the highest per capital population of retired and active military in the whole country. playing politics with immigration, the president says he's not doing it. a top cabinet official admits the president is doing it. we'll get thoughts from the panel when we come back. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're kill you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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own a special edition midnight black gator. visit your dealer today before they're all gone. the chief of staff was able to reiterate to
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the chief of staff was able that the president would make a
3:40 pm
decision, the president had decided to act and that he would make an announcement about those decisions before the end of the year. >> quite frankly, waiting until after the elect someone ish??l open admission that what he's about to do is not approved by the american people. >> chief of staff meeting with the congressional hispanic caw cushion talking to them. he said that the scope of the executive action after the election will be significant. this as we heart from the homeland security secretary about the true motivation about this push off of the executive action. take a listen to what the president said. >> this kind of thing should not be introduced in a politically difficult climate like you had in the run up to an election and there have been examples cited of that in 1994, gun control,
3:41 pm
health care law, in the runup to an election in the political season. >> what do you tell the person that's going to get deported before the election that this decision was essentially made and your hopes of saving a democratic senator? >> that's not the reason. i want to make sure we get it right. >> it looks like politics. >> the politics did shift mid summer because of that problem, i want to spend some time, even as we are getting all our ducks in a row for administrative action, i want to make sure that the public understands why we're doing this. >> let's bring in our panel. charles lain, opinionier for "the washington post" and syndicated columnist george brenner. george, your comments? >> the president is among other things, the leader of the political party, this is a political issue and the timing of what he does is perfectly within his discretion, speaking of discretion, when he does that, i refer to a lot of people
3:42 pm
that are ready to pounce, we're going to find out through congress, whether you like it or not and i don't like it. but whether you like it or not, congress has given vast amounts of discretion to the president in enforcing the immigration laws. they're going to find out what he does, whether it's prudent policy is legal policy. >> to hear the homeland security secretary lay it out as a purely political decision, but if they're telling the hispanic caucus privately that this will be a significant action after the election, what's the difference? republicans are going to use it in their districts and in their states. >> i read the stories about this meeting between the white house chief of staff and the hispanic caucus and i didn't see a word in it that contained any irreversible commitment to do anythi
3:43 pm
anything. what he apparently said was he will -- -- we're still in a situation where after the election he can change his mind, this meaning there's a lot of theater that both sides to the transaction needed, the hispanic representatives needed to show that they're still in there fighting and to the president needed to show that he's going to makes him happy after the election. but, you know, he has pulled the football away before and we'll see, if his party gets clobbered in this election, you can be sure that will affect his actions afterwards just as the prospect of getting clobbered changes it before. >> for someone like kay haygan of north carolina, whether you do the executive action now or you tell the hispanic caucus behind closed door thos that yo going to do it, what's the difference for her or mary
3:44 pm
language landrieu or anybody else. >> if he doesn't know, it will be the lead story after isis, but isis will fade, it will be the lead story for two months, it will be an issue that will come up number one in any debate. it will be something that democrats are not going to be able to hide from for an hour and a half. if he says quietly he'll do it and not everybody's following the news between the hispanic caucus and the chief of staff. the opposition will bring it up. but it's not going to soak through the environment as it would otherwise. it's pure politics, it's a way to get around the electorate and around the congress. and even though, you mean, the president is allowed to do it, he is the head of the party, it's all about politics, but what goes here is the way he lies about it so praisely when he spoke to chuck todd, he
3:45 pm
prefaced the line, it has nothing to do with politics, by sighing, now i'm being honest here. which is always a signing when you hear it from a politician, to reach for your wallet. >> politico writes it up this way, one member attended. he said there was some serious definiting inside the room. he said i for one need constant reassure rans, i don't want to go down this path come november and then find out that the immigration community and the latino community get thrown in the heat again. chuck's point? >> again, what difference does this make? let's look at the numbers, let's say that a million and a half people in the country are legal. 4,000 were removed from the country, half of those were removed at the border. which means of the 11.5 million, only 200,000 were removed from the interior. that's 2% of those that were here illegally. so the real threat of deport
3:46 pm
taste is negligible for almost everyone here. >> the highest amount that could possibly factor in, how much is immigration factored into the midterm elections. >> 2. >> i'm going to say five or six. >> chuck's right. it's amazing. 5.5. >> 5.5. next up, lightning round. it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! you owned your car for four you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him.
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each week we ask you to vote online in our friday lightning round poll for your favorite too muchic, this week you chose benghazi and the case against the only suspect in custody. we're back at the panel. take a listen to this.
3:50 pm
>> i have been deeply troubled since the beginning, since the capture of katala that they have chosen to treat this as a crime and not an act of war. >> in terms of the state of the case, i am determined that we have done what we have to do to bring a strong indicted. and now i think they are realizing, just like the prosecutors and military commissions have said all along, these cases of overseas captures are hard. >> we're back with the panel. what about the case against can a tallla, the only suspect in custody. george? >> if it's strong, let's see it. if it is going to be governed by the rules of criminal justice, there had to be probable cause to act in the pierce place of what was the probable cause. it seems to me that one of the questions that trey gowdy and his committee can begin to look at. the other the questions of your show the 13 hours book. the stand june and who ordered it.
3:51 pm
trey gowdy's commission has an agenda. >> the fact that it's taken this long shouldn't really surprise anyone. let's say it were treated as an act of twar that would imply taking it to a military commission. khalid sheikh mohammed the mastermind or one of them of 9/11 is still on trial. that's been dragging out for years and years. i'm not sure it was going to be very speedy no matter what they did. >> speedy or not, the matter of trying a terrorist as a criminal is stupid and practically speaking in this case it proves it. how do you get to secure the scene of the crime in libya from which we have now been driven out and how do you get witnesses in a place where if you interrogate them they are going to get shot he? should be in guantanamo and waste away there until he gets a military commission hearing. >> next up, congressional calendar, what can get done before the mid terms, anything? >> he they will have to be continuing resolution meeting, resolution to fund
3:52 pm
the government. we wrap up all the other spending items into one bill and that will probably include an appropriation for the training of our guys, our good guys, how many there are in syria. >> you can check out the blog by the way. that is just a little bit of a misfire. go ahead, chuck. >> i share charles' analysis. i would add one other thing. which looks like the export import bang reauthorization which some folks on the sort of the tea party wing of the republican party have been trying to stop. that's going to get tucked in and all the more so because of this must pass syria funding. >> one reason not much will get done is harry reid wasted four legislative days very few remaining in an attempt to do something never done in 223 years to amend the bill of rights to make the first amendment less protective. >> the focus in a lot of headlines has been ray rice in this case of the nfl and what roger goodell knew and what he didn't know and this tape that surfaced.
3:53 pm
and now robert mueller, the former fbi director is looking into this case. what about this case, the nfl and goodell's future? >> well, the nfl is acting to protect its good name and its brand. the trouble is it's hurting brand because the question has now become what did they, particularly commissioner goodell know and what did he know it because they were sent a tape. someone said to the sender of the tape this is terrible. and the nfl has yet to explain when they saw it, if they saw it. >> chuck? >> there has been a lot of focus rightly on the nfl's response. i would like to add focus to the baltimore ravens response. let's not forget this team held a press conference in the middle of this where they trotted out the victim in this case to talk about how it was partly her fault and that you know, they and a lot of other people in the nfl have circled the wagons against ray rice only to be humiliated, embarrassed telling the truth when this video turned up. how did they think she was
3:54 pm
knocked out. of course he slugged her. so now, only when they see it, will they stop the coverup that was going on. >> charles? >> terrible irony here is obviously the league has to do something. and probably banishment is the right punishment. but the irony is the woman who is aggrieved and in whose name this kind of justice is being meted out has never prosecuted. she never wanted the story to come out. she married the guy and she now is being injured because the loss of livelihood and all the other stuff. and the humiliation all in the name of vindicating her had. it's a terrible irony. there is no way around it. i think they are doing what they have to do. she is probably the one suffering the most right now. >> it will be interesting to see how the new revelation about peterson and the vikings is going to effect the nfl with all of this. back with winners and losers after a break. for over a decade,
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winner is william f. buckley program at yale a non-heresy league to speak there she was disinvited by brandeis because she has the temerity to say that not all cultures are created equal and islamic culture does not treat women well. >> chuck?
3:59 pm
>> i i will start with my loser and it's an all domestic violence winners and losers for me. the loser is roger goodell the commissioner of the nfl for the reasons we were just discussing. my winner of the week unfortunately is oscar pistorius acquitted the most serious homicide charges against him and convicted only of involuntary -- equivalent of involuntary manslaughter in what i think one of the most shocking and inexplicable court rulings i have ever seen. >> charles? >> loser are two sides of the coin. loser is barack obama who within a day of proclaiming the broad coalition discovers that turkey, which is the one place from which we could launch air strikes into syria has said no. the winner is the arab league, which is who who they meaningless tepid weak statement in support of this activity and not get a slap of the wrist. will remain to be praised by the administration for its support of this effort. >> we made it thanks for
4:00 pm
inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget 13 hours this weekend saturday, 10:00 p.m. eastern. check it out if you missed it greta goes "on the record" right now. you will only see he it here "on the record." the parents of beheaded american journalist james foley in their first joint interview. dubai and john foley talk candidly about fig finding out their son was executed by isis. how the u.s. government trend them with possible prosecution if they paid ransom to bring their son home and how they are turning their deep grief into a frontal help others. you will hear it all straight from the foleys the day we spoke with them at their new hampshire home. >> thank you very much for letting me come here. >> you are welcome, greta. >> it's so hard to talk to grieving parents. it's part of what we do in our work regrettably. so i want to start sort of the by talking about your


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